Booster Detox

Detoxes and revives radiance

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Booster Detox

Detoxes and revives radiance

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Product details
Is your skin suffocating from eating or drinking too much, or living in a badly polluted environment? Flush out impurities with a detox! Detox Booster offers an ultra-concentrated formula enriched with extract of green coffee bean, a natural plant source of caffeine revered in the millennia-old tradition of the African tropics for its detoxing properties. Blend with your usual face care.
  • Restores radiance to dull complexions
  • Detoxes and plumps the skin
How to

Blend 3 to 5 drops with your usual Clarins cream or mask. Use daily, weekly or monthly, as your skin needs it Do not use alone.

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Boost your skin.
Boost your life.

The beauty activator for neglected skin

The skin has its very own detox mechanism. But this built-in system is hampered by excess,
pollution and cigarette smoke. This is when toxins begin to build up.

Clinically proven

For80%of women
it’s the best detox care for beautiful skin and a fresh-looking complexion.***

After 1 week of use**


said they had a fresher-looking complexion


said skin appeared smoother

After 4 weeks of use**


said Skin felt detoxified


said skin appeared plumped and healthy with a glow

reduction in oxidized compounds*

*Test on skin explant: Detox Booster + cream, evaluation of quantity of oxidized proteins.
**Satisfaction test, 105 women.
***Satisfaction test, 105 women, 4 weeks.

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