Pregnancy, birth, motherhood

Make the most of these special times

to pamper yourself and look after you...2!

What description best describes you?

You're expecting.

You can hardly wait…
Soon you'll be a mum!

Your baby is here.
Motherhood is bliss.

The little one is growing.
Motherhood is radiant.

The essentials

Important note: Clarins offers advice on the physical appearance of new motherhood. It is not intended to replace advice from your doctor, midwife, or physical therapist. They are the ones treating you and they know you best. They are qualified to make the final judgment on what you can and cannot do for your health.
The advice given here is based on the manual by Jacques & Olivier Courtin-Clarins entitled "Donner la vie en beauté" (Having a Beautiful Birth).

Download the complete manual here.

Clarins offers precious advice so you can fully experience the most beautiful days of your life and learn that pregnancy is the ideal time for adopting good beauty habits. Feeling good about yourself is also good for your child, before and after birth.

You're expecting

Your body is changing and so is your skin. You have to admit that hormonal changes are not making life easy. Adjust your beauty routine and your lifestyle.

  • Dead skin cells, 0 – Smooth skin, 1

    Twice a week, renew your skin! Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin removes impurities and dead cells making skin better prepared for the products you apply afterward.

    Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin


    Did you know?

    The miracle ingredient in this product is bamboo! Bamboo stems secrete a sap called "bamboo tears." When the tears are dried and ground they create the ideal exfoliating powder to make your skin soft (as a baby's).

  • Stop stretch marks!

    Your skin stretches during pregnancy, which can break the elastic tissue leading to the infamous STRETCH MARKS. To strengthen your skin, apply Tonic Body Oil with 100% pure plant extracts once a day. Pay particular attention to the breasts, stomach, and hip areas. From the six-month stage onwards, apply both morning and evening.

    Tonic Body Oil


    Customer tips

    "When I was pregnant, I would methodically slather this oil on my tummy, hips, and thighs every day after a shower and then finish with a cool shower. I didn't get any stretch marks!"

  • "My bra size went up two sizes!"

    Your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding. Don't hide your pretty cleavage, protect it by toning your natural bust.* Apply Stretch Mark Minimizer, enriched with Centella asiatica extract to increase your skin's elasticity. How often? Every day, no exceptions!

    *The natural bust is the area of skin from below the breasts up to the chin.

    Stretch Mark Minimizer


    Clarins tips

    Make your bra a priority! It provides good support for your bust. Look for deep cups and wide straps with an underwire.

  • Light and breezy

    Your tummy is getting bigger, but that's not all! During pregnancy, your calves and your ankles are prone to swelling. To alleviate these often painful sensations, stimulate blood circulation by massaging your legs with Energizing Emulsion, even in the middle of the day for a refreshing feeling.

    Energizing Emulsion


    Clarins tips
    • Walk for 30 minutes a day
    • Stretch out your legs as often as possible and raise them on a pillow at night.

Glow with happiness...
and beauty

Fresh complexion, dazzling eyes.
Perfect your new motherhood radiance:

  • 1

    Morning and night, cleanse your skin of impurities.

  • 2

    Apply your daily moisturising and anti-ageing treatments. Find your anti-ageing routine.

  • 3

    When you're tired, it's Beauty Flash Balm to the rescue. Use as a cream or a mask if you're in a hurry. It's great for restoring your complexion.

You can hardly wait...
Just a few more days until you become a mum.

Your pregnancy is almost over.

The baby's bag is packed. What about yours? Remember to take a few products just for you, in addition to the essentials every mum needs.
Between feeding, bathing and changing nappies, these products will help you to erase signs of fatigue and look your best!

  • 1
    Renew your skin

    Tonic Body Treatment Oil


  • 2
    Maintain your skin's firmness

    Stretch Mark Minimizer


  • 3
    Conceal signs of fatigue

    Baume Beauté éclair

  • 4
    Sit back and relax

    Eau Dynamisante



Your baby is here.

You're in motherhood bliss. It's like you're walking on air. But between visiting relatives, mealtimes, and all the attention around your baby, the days go by really (too) quickly.

Make time to take care of yourself.

Boost those breasts!

You are the most beautiful (and the happiest) mum.

After giving birth, your skin usually gets dry.
During pregnancy, your hormones cause deep tissues to retain water, so there is not much left over to hydrate the upper layers of the skin.

Follow the routine that's right for your skin, step by step:


Remove makeup
& cleanse


& nourish


Returning to work soon?

You'll be leaving your baby in someone else's care. Plan a week for both of you to adjust to the transition. Leave your baby with someone a little longer each day. Separation is somewhat easy. If you are calm, your baby will be just fine.

The little one is growing.
Motherhood is radiant.

You've found your rhythm, the baby is now eating at regular times, you understand her cries, you're getting more sleep, and your body is slowly getting back to normal...well, almost.

You can't slim down without firming up.

The excess weight acquired during the nine months of pregnancy will gradually disappear. Do not start a very strict diet, instead, adopt a healthy, balanced eating plan and exercise. It is also important to give your skin a little help to firm back up and find its original elasticity.

You are a beautiful mum!