Sunkissed Summer Make-Up Collection

Golden Radiance

1. Golden Radiance

A sweep of warm summer color.


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    Limited Edition Bronzer & Blush Compact

    A sunkissed powder that instantly warms the complexion with a healthy glow.


Glow to Go.

Clarins’ Tropical Splendor Compact warms the complexion with a healthy glow. Creates an even, luminous, natural-looking tan — from sunkissed to très bronzé. A trio of fresh matte golden shades — plus a pop of radiant apricot — sculpts, contours and defines any skin tone.

Glow to Go.

Radiant Eyes

2. Radiant Eyes

Sensual, sizzling, sunkissed!


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    4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

    Illuminates eyes with the très soleil new shades of summer.



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    Waterproof Eye Pencil

    Line, contour and define in two new sunny shades.


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    Volume Mascara - Limited Edition

    Intense volume for a full, flirty, magnified lash look.


Paradise in a palette.

Four sultry shadows — formulated with 100% mineral and pure plant pigments — line, contour and define with the très soleil new shades of summer.

Paradise in a palette.

Sunlit Pout

3. Sunlit Pout

Sheer color — intense moisture and shine.

  • Eclat Minute Baume Embellisseur Lèvres

    Instant Light Natural Lip Balm Perfector

    Use year round for soft, sensual, shiny lips.


Illuminates, moisturizes & protects.

Feels like a balm, shines like a gloss—delivering all the lip-smoothing benefits of Clarins’ hydrating natural botanical extracts.

Illuminates, moisturizes & protects.