Fair Trade Agreement

In partnership with Jardins du Monde, the purchase price of Organic Mitracarpus and Organic Leaf of Life plant extracts includes a contribution to improve the social and economic development of the local communities that harvest the plants.
Women carrying bags of plants in Madagascar

Plant-Based Innovation

Inspired by the movement of the Sunflower's stem as it twists to follow the sun, Clarins Laboratories have combined a duo of powerful Sunflower ingredients (unsaponifiables from the seed + auxins from the stem) to visibly improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin on neck and décolleté—boosting its resistance to daily bending and rotating.
Sunflower and its seeds

Sensorial Texture

The twist-to-open nozzle tip allows the lightweight cream to dispense easily. The ultra-sensorial, non-oily texture sinks right in so you can dress immediately after application.
Extra-Firming Neck & Décolleté product, Texture of the Extra-Firming Neck & Décolleté product