1. How do I place an order on ?

    Shopping on an overview

    Find your products. Use our site navigation, search engine, product finder, product comparison or Beauty Consultation. For product information, how-to apply videos, did you know? and other related links, click on any product name to get to a specific product detail page.

    Add the product to your shopping bag. Select your desired shade, size and quantity and then click the "Add to cart" icon. A window will appear confirming that the product has been added to your bag. You can then continue shopping and browsing the site. To view the contents of your shopping bag, click on "View my bag."

    View your shopping bag. Simply click the "shopping bag" icon at the top right of any page. Here, you can update quantities and add or delete items. You can also select from a range of complimentary samples with any order.

    Place your order. Simply click the “Place Order Now” button after reading and agreeing with our Terms and Conditions. After your order has been submitted, a "Thank You" page will be displayed, confirming your order. An email confirming receipt of your order will be sent to you. If an order confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours after submission, please contact our customer service center for assistance by phone at 1800 861 888 or via email.
  2. I'm having trouble navigating the site; can you help me?

    If you are having difficulty accessing pages on our website, it is possible that your browser is storing data on our site which is no longer up to date.

    We advise that you empty your caches by using the "Shift + F5" keys if using the Google Chrome browser, or "Ctrl + F5" if using Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  3. My product is unavailable; when will it be back in stock?

    On the product page you’ll find an alert form that will allow you to receive an email notification as soon as the product is back in stock.
  4. Why do I have to give my phone number?

    A contact phone number is required by most Courier providers. We will only use this information to contact you, if necessary, about your order or to respond to your enquiries.
  5. What should I do if I have a problem finalising my order?

    If you have correctly entered your data and added your products to your shopping bag but are unable to finalise your order, we will likely need some more information to help you.

    Our customer service team is here to help! We ask you to contact us by completing the form on our contact us page.
  6. Can I group several orders together?

    Order payment and validation correspond to a single order with a delivery address and billing address.

    You have the option to order up to 3 units per item with a maximum purchase value of $1000 per order.
  7. I'm looking for a Clarins product on your website but I can't find it

    To find the product you want to order online, browse the categories related to your product or write the product name in the search bar.

    Clarins products are categorised within Skincare, Make-Up, Body Care, Men. Use the Product Filters on select pages to narrow the list of products and highlight the ones that best suit your needs. The search feature will help you select the appropriate product(s) based on the information you provide. If you would like additional advice, check out our online Beauty consultations to get personalized product recommendations for all categories.

    If your product is not available online, it may be an old product or a limited edition which is no longer for sale.

    All products on are available for sale in Australia. If an item is out of stock, you will not be able to add it to your shopping bag, however it may be available in a store near you. In the rare event that a product(s) becomes unavailable after your order has been placed, we will notify you immediately. You will only be charged for the products you receive.

    We recommend that you contact our customer service team so we can suggest a product that best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to use our Beauty Consultation service.
  8. What should I do if I can’t complete the checkout process?

    If you have correctly entered all your information and are unable to complete the checkout process, we may need further information. Please call Clarins Customer Care on 1800 861 888 from 9:00am-5:00pm AEST Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays). You may also contact us via email.


  1. How can I buy an E-Gift Card?

    Clarins Online Gift Card can be ordered in any amount starting at $5 - $200. They are sent, via e-mail, to any individual with a valid e-mail address. The recipient of an eGift Card will receive an e-mail with a redeemable promotional code to be used only at The code will be activated within 24 hours after receiving the e-mail.

    To access our e-Gift Certificate page just click on the Online Gift Card link within the Gifts & Sets section. Follow the step-by-step instructions and provide the information required to make your purchase. Once you have placed an order an order confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

    An e-mail confirming that a Clarins eGift Card has been sent by you, will be sent to the person for whom you've made the purchase.

    Online Gift Card are activated and ready to use as soon as the recipient registers and logs in as an account member and validates his or her certificate number. Online Gift Cards must be redeemed on the website, towards the purchase of eligible products listed in our online catalogue and sold by

    Online Gift Card must be purchased with a valid credit or debit card or Paypal. Afterpay payments are not eligible.

    Buy your eGift Card Now

    Terms & Conditions
    1. Online eGift Card must be redeemed on the website, towards the purchase of eligible products listed in our online catalogue and sold by Online Gift Cards cannot be used in-store or to pay for treatments.

    2. Online eGift Card must be purchased with a valid credit or debit card or Paypal. Afterpay payments are not eligible.

    3. You cannot purchase an Online eGift Card with another Online eGift Card.

    4. If the amount of your Online eGift Card(s) does NOT cover the total order amount, you will need to pay the remainder of the purchase with a valid credit or debit card or Paypal. Afterpay payments are not eligible.

    5. If the amount of your Online eGift Card(s) is for MORE than the total order amount, the balance will be stored on your account for your next purchase using the same eGift Card code.

    6. Normal Terms & Conditions apply.

    7. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Service team via email or call us on 1800 861 888 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

    8. Online eGift Card are non-transferable, non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.

    9. Clarins Australia is not responsible for lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission Online eGift Card.

    10. Online eGift Card are valid for three years.

    11. Online eGift Card purchases are not eligible for free samples or gifts.
  2. Can an E-Gift Card be used more than once?

    Yes, it can be used until the total amount has been completely used.

    You can view the remaining balance on your online Clarins personal account in the “E-Gift Certificate” section.
  3. How can I take advantage of current promotional offers?

    To find out about our current offers, check the "special offers" section on our Special Offers page. There you can find all the terms and conditions to take advantage of our offers.

    Please note: promotions are applied to your shopping bag or a selection of products and usually cannot be combined with other offers.
  4. How can I take advantage of my birthday offer?

    Are you one of our loyal customers and have filled in your date of birth? We’ll be delighted to send you a special gift to celebrate your day together!

    Your offer will be sent to you by email. We invite you to enter the promotional code in the "Promotion Code" field of your shopping bag. Your offer can be combined with most of our current offers (except Black Friday and Beauty Days offers).
  5. Why haven't I received my E-Gift Card yet?

    In the minutes following the purchase of your E-Gift Card, an order confirmation email is sent to you.

    Then, between a few hours and a maximum of 1 working day later, the E-Gift Card with its code will be sent in a separate email. This email will reach you or your friend, depending on the email address you have chosen.

    As soon as the E-Gift Card has been received, it will be available to use online.
  6. I forgot to add my gift to my order

    We can't make any changes to an order once it was finalised. If you have forgotten to add your gift please contact Customer Care on 1800 861 888 from 9:00am-5:00pm AEST Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays). You may also contact us via email.


  1. Which payment methods are available? accepts these Credit / Debit cards:

    American Express
    When your credit card is authorised, funds are put on hold until the transaction is completed. When the order is shipped, the payment will be processed.
    PayPal, Apple Pay and AfterPay are also offered

    Important information:
    For your security, your billing name and address must match that of the credit card used for payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not match this criteria.
  2. Can I give my personal information securely?

    Of course: all information provided is strictly confidential.

    It will be used exclusively by internal departments at Clarins for the sole purpose of making a delivery or serving you better.

    Your credit card information is sent to us via a secure server that meets the ISO27001 standard. We use the latest and most secure technology available, which encrypts all of your personal and credit card details.
  3. When is my payment taken?

    Your credit card will be charged only when your order is sent from our warehouse. You will see a temporary authorisation on your account after you place your order; this will be updated by the actual charge once your order is sent. If you have used PayPal or AfterPay as your payment option then your account will be charged straight away once your order is confirmed with an order number.
  4. What can I do if my payment has been refused?

    If payment is declined, please contact your bank or credit card company first. Authorisation is between our banking provider and your financial institution. If you encounter any further difficulties or have any additional questions, please call Clarins Customer Care on 1800 861 888 from 9:00am-5:00pm AEST Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays). You may also contact us via email.
  5. What is 3DSecure?

    3DSecure is another way of protecting your online purchases.

    After entering your card number, you will be asked for a code to validate your payment.

    This code will be sent to you via text by your bank. If the telephone number provided is incorrect, we advise that you contact your bank directly.
  6. How do I get an invoice for my order?

    For any order placed online, you will receive an invoice by email within 24 hours of your order being confirmed.
  7. What is my E-Gift Card balance?

    You will see your E-Gift Card balance at the "Payment" stage of your purchase:
  8. Is my payment secure?

    When you place an order on, we encode your information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology; the most advanced consumer online security to date. Your order will be placed safely and securely. Your bank details are SSL encrypted and will never be kept or stored on this website without your consent.


  1. Where can I find my order number?

    Your order number is in the order confirmation email you received after placing your order. You can also find your order information within the My Account area. Select the Order History to see a detailed history of your orders. Your order number will also be on the printed document accompanying your delivery.
  2. Has my order been confirmed?

    Upon placing your order, will display a confirmation message. You will also receive an order confirmation email, including your tax invoice. If you've registered an account with us, your order will also be viewable on the site after 24 hours in the My Account area.
  3. I don't have an account; how can I check my order status?

    If you did not create an online account when you placed an order with, you will not be able to view the status of your order.

    However, we will keep you updated! As soon as your order has been confirmed, a confirmation email is sent to you.

    You will then receive an email with a tracking number for your package.

    Finally, you will also be able to receive follow-up emails or texts from the delivery service.


  1. Can I cancel a current order?

    Once your order has been confirmed, it is not possible to cancel or amend it.

    If you ordered the wrong product or forgot to enter a promotional offer, we advise that you contact customer care. they can assist with the return of the incorrect orderand the placing of a new one.

    For more information on return conditions, click here.
  2. How do I change my order?

    Once your order has been validated, it is not possible to modify its contents.

    If you just want to change your delivery address, please contact customer care.

    If you ordered the wrong product or forgot to enter a promotional offer, we advise that you place a new order and return the wrong order to us.

    For more information on return conditions, click here.
  3. Why was my order cancelled?

    In the event of a temporary stock shortage, very occasionally an order will be cancelled by our logistics team. We are very sorry about this.

    If this is the case, you will receive an email confirming that the product ordered is unavailable and your order has been refunded. The refund is immediately processed when the email is sent.

    You will see the refund appear on your account within 3 working days.