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Joli Rouge, a new generation...

A new Joli Rouge for those who want it all. Why choose between make-up and skincare, between bold colour and a natural formula and finally, between being responsible and being chic?

Lipstick and ingredient

Developed with the same expertise as Clarins’ skincare...
It's make-up made for skin.

YOUR LIPS DESERVE THE BEST All you’ve wanted from a lipstick but never thought possible... To enhance your complexion and your smile, Clarins now offers an infinitely rich Joli Rouge palette of over 30 shades and 3 finishes: satin, shine and velvet.

The new formulas are comprised of 80% ingredients of natural origin* and made with an 84% skincare formula*.

Whatever your preference, Joli Rouge will put a beautiful smile on your face.


Lipstick with texture

The new generation of Joli Rouge offers
all the benefits of a skin care product, protecting lips while maintaining a radiant finish and long-lasting hold.

NEW JOLI ROUGE - $47.00 $

80% skincare ingredients*

*For Joli Rouge Shine and Satin.


Still life visual


To put a beautiful smile on your face, Joli Rouge Satin and Shine contain a duo of unique plant extracts: cold pressed Organic Camelia Oil, known for its exceptional nutritional qualities and fair trade sectorShea Unsaponifiable (organic plant) famous for its nourishing and comforting benefits.

84% ingredients
natural origin*

*For Joli Rouge Shine and Satin.

Lipstick shades

Not just a
range of colours!

16 shades of Satin, from the deepest red to true nude, with pink, brick, plum and burgundy in between.
8 Shades of Velvet Matte, a matte yet comfortable, incredibly delicate lipstick which is soft on lips. and protects against dehydration.
8 shades of Shine, delivering more than just shine, this finish envelops the lips in softness and moisturisation, just like a balm!

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