Eco-design Our commitments

Sustainable Packaging to Limit Our Impact

Clarins packaging undertakes continuous research and development in order to minimise its environmental footprint.

This approach to being eco-conscious is reflected through three key commitments: reduce, reuse and recycle, in addition to Clarins' own respect for nature.

A circular economy approach that aims to reduce over-consumption and limit waste.

Discover the actions that we’ve taken to support the circular economy

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R educe
R euse
R ecycle
R espect
Reducing the waste of resources

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the weight and volume of our packaging by adjusting cases, using less glass, and eliminating the need for unncessary leaflets and certain cases...

We are also actively working to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging by eliminating all unnecessary plastic packaging in our boxes and pouches, switching to recycled plastic for the lids of our 50ml jars, and reducing the number of single-use capsules in our jars by 1/3.

Furthermore, to minimise the consumption of new resources, we favour responsible materials such as recycled glass and paper from sustainably managed forests.

Our objective for 2025

Reduce our use of new plastic by 30%.

Our key figures

of virgin plastic saved by redesigning the lids of our 50ml jars

100%of our boxes

are printed on cardboard made with controlled and FSC approved materials


30% less plastic.

Reusing in order to consume less

Give your Clarins containers a new life!

Allowing you to reuse or refill our products is one of our ambitions. Since 2018, our Treatment Fragrances have featured pumps that can be unscrewed for refilling, and since 2020, we have supplied select international boutiques with the Eco-Bar which is dedicated to refilling our Eau Dynamisante and Eau Ressourçante fragrances.

And that’s only the beginning... various refillable containers are currently in development, both for skincare and makeup.'

Do it yourself... with Clarins

At Clarins, we believe in beauty inside and out. And what better way to show our love for the planet than by helping you to repurpose your empty tubes, bottles and jars?

Get creative with our tried-and-tested upcycling ideas and give your favourite Clarins products a second life - and don't forget to share your creations with #ClarinsDIY!

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Recycling to limit our environmental impact

Right from the design phase of our products, we systematically prioritise recyclable and recycled materials.

70% of our packaging is made of glass or cardboard, materials that are fully recyclable. And we already use 30% recyclable materials in our packaging.

By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or refillable. The same high standards and control is applied in our production plants, where 100% of our industrial waste is now reused.

We are also gradually implementing systems for collecting used packaging in our stores. We invite you to join our sustainable initiative by dropping off your products after they are finished at participating department stores.


recyclable or refillable skincare packaging

Made from


recycled materials

Respecting nature and natural resources

Clarins' fourth commitment is directly linked to nature, which has always inspired us and provided us with our most precious ingredients.

Respecting it means favouring sustainable farming based on the idea of doing more with less - the very principle of the circular economy: promoting sustainable agriculture, taking only the parts of plants that are not essential for their regrowth, favouring wild harvesting that respects ecosystems, reusing industrial waste (such as seeds or husks) to transform them into active ingredients... All of these values influence us in our daily work.

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Our other actions:
The Pack Score is an ongoing effort to make progress
Pack score

In all aspects of our business, we are guided by a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

This essential principle led us to develop our own tool for measuring the environmental performance of our packaging: the Pack Score.

By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be graded, with a target of 10% improvement for each renovation.

Eco-friendly beauty pouches

Created for you with the planet in mind, our beauty pouches are made from natural fibers or recycled materials. Practical and durable for all your Clarins products.