For sensitive
skin, stick
to the basics!

Do you experience:

Skin that feels tight when the weather
is too hot or too cold
or when you get out
of the shower?

Sensitivity after applying certain cosmetics?

Flushed skin when you feel emotional?

More than half of women say they have sensitive skin.

Appearing for a few days or over a long period of time, skin sensitivity can result in invisible symptoms such as tingling and tightness, as well as visible signs such as widespread or localised redness.

The Clarins answer

Clarins launches CALM-ESSENTIEL, a new range of skincare formulated with essential ingredients for treating damaged skin, to guarantee optimal skin tolerance.

Hydrates. Soothes. Protects.

Product range and ingredients

Clary sage

Soothing Emulsion



Corrective Gel 



Treatment Oil 


+ 95% naturally‑sourced ingredients
Model applying cream

A fragrance that soothes the soul

A true holistic beauty
experience that goes beyond
simple skincare.

For these highly sensorial products, Clarins has created a musky floral fragrance that has been specially developed for sensitive skin.

Delicate and enveloping, it has been created to soothe and relax even before the application of Calm-Essential skincare.


spa visual

Experience our Gentle Soothing Skincare designed for sensitive skin.


Calm-Essentiel method

Choose the right time for this self-care moment in a relaxed setting.


Your breathing helps to bring about calmness. Warm the product in your hands, then with your palms open in front of your face, breathe deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.


Apply the skincare products to the face using light strokes followed by gentle pressure, with hands at the right temperature to avoid thermal shocks. Don’t forget the neck and décolleté area.


Finish with a cocoon wrap by placing the hands around the ears and temples while pressing for 5 seconds. A comforting
and relaxing experience.

Proven by tests

“The emulsion prevents and soothes discomfort caused by wearing a mask for long periods* *THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE EMULSION WAS TESTED & APPROVED BY 34 FEMALE HOSPITAL WORKERS IN A SETTING WHERE THE MASK IS WORN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME”
More than
Skin is instantly soothed*
90% Helps restructure the skin***
87% Itchy sensations are soothed**
77% Redness intensity is diminished****

*Consumer test. Soothing Emulsion, 109 women/Redness Corrective Gel 107 women/Restoring Treatment Oil 100 women, 28 days, France
**Consumer test. Soothing Emulsion, 109 women, 28 days, France
***Consumer test. Restoring Treatment Oil, 100 women, 10 days, France
***Consumer test. Redness Corrective Gel, 107 women, 28 days, France (except Canada)

A Moment of Calm with
Australian dermatologist Dr. Shreya Andric

Australian dermatologist Dr. Shreya Andric shares her recommendation on how to best soothe sensitive skin.

A vital scientific discovery

After 3 years of research into sensitive skin, the Clarins Laboratories, in collaboration with research institutes - including one specialising in environmental pollution - go further in understanding the mechanisms of the skin’s hyper-sensitivity.

scientific video

Together they have made a major discovery: the decisive role sensory receptors play in causing the skin’s hyper-sensitivity.

An innovative formula in harmony with the skin


Identified from 75 plants studied by ethnobotanist Jean-Pierre Nicolas, who has worked in close collaboration with Clarins since 2004, clary sage is a plant with beneficial soothing properties which has been used for centuries.

Clarins Innovation: sclareolide

The Clarins Laboratories have extracted a purified molecule from the flowers and leaves of the clary sage: sclareolide, which harmonises with the skin and allows it to be instantly soothed and protected.

Soothing Emulsion

Soothing Emulsion

The emulsion instantly calms skin discomfort. Its creamy caress-like texture is enriched with organic Camellia Oil: it melts into the skin, intensely hydrates and protects against environmental damage.

Added extra:

Also contains White Horehound extract, which helps skin to fight against damage caused by pollution.

Redness Corrective Gel

Redness Corrective Gel

The fresh gel instantly soothes skin discomfort. Its texture melts into the skin and provides an instant sensation of well-being. The skin is immediately refreshed and comforted.

Added extra:

Unique pearls and pigments will even out the complexion, and it also contains White Horehound extract, which helps skin to fight against damage caused by pollution.

Restoring Treatment Oil

Restoring Treatment Oil

A nourishing oil enriched with organic Camellia Oil and organic Apricot Oil, which is perfect for leaving skin soothed, moisturised, soft and supple.

Added extra:

Can also be used on its own as a cure over 10-20 days for a reset of your skin. For the most reactive skin that can no longer tolerate any other skincare products, this is the perfect answer.

Clary sage

It was a divine herb for the Romans, who used it as a “wellness plant.” In France, Charlemagne established its cultivation in gardens to improve people’s health. During the Renaissance, it was also used to soothe the skin.