How to apply a neck and décolleté treatment

Achieve a visibly younger neck with our firming cream

17 sec.

Admit it. We tend to apply our day cream as far as our chin; or better, we smooth over our neck with whatever’s left over, and that’s it. As they are exposed to the light year-round, the neck and décolleté area become dehydrated and show wrinkles easily. Take care of your décolleté and continue on with your head held high! Apply a firming treatment to these sensitive areas in order to:

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your décolleté.
  • Enhance skin texture.
  • Clarins +
  • • Our pressure draining method stimulates the skin’s natural circulation and maintains its elasticity and firmness.

3 steps to a visibly younger neck

  • 1


    Warm the product in your hands to bring it up to the temperature of your skin and help it take effect instantly.
    3 seconds

  • 2


    Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly on your neck and décolleté, to procure an instant sense of well-being.
    4 seconds

  • 3
    Apply pressure

    Apply pressure

    Use the pressure draining method to stimulate circulation and to maintain a youthful, firm neck and décolleté. Repeat 5 times on each side.
    10 seconds

    Our expert tips

    Before starting the pressure draining method, adjust your posture: chin up, back straight, shoulders back.

    Delphine Barthe, International Training Manager

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