What age should I start using anti-wrinkle creams?

1. Moisturising: your first step to preventing wrinkles

The first key step to preventing the signs of ageing is to moisturise your skin properly and on a daily basis. A well-moisturised epidermis protects skin elasticity for longer, and is an essential step from around the age of 20. Try a moisturiser from the Hydra-Essentiel range to provide skin with well-balanced hydration throughout the day. Your complexion is left fresh, even and radiant. Accept the fact that skin starts ageing from around 25! To keep your youthful glow for as long as possible, use the Double Serum daily. You can also use it as an intensive month-long treatment if your skin looks particularly tired.

2. Targeted anti-wrinkle products to meet your individual needs

At Clarins, we have anti ageing products to address all kinds of beauty concerns. At 30, your skin is still young, but those first few wrinkles are starting to creep up. Women today lead fast-paced lives (stress, lack of sleep, pollution) which speeds up the phenomenon. To prevent the first signs of ageing, Clarins developed its Multi-Active range, a series of classic products designed to counteract the effects of stress and lack of sleep for women in their 30s, for that all-important youthful glow, hour after hour.

If you feel your wrinkles are becoming increasingly obvious and your skin is lacking firmness, try the Extra-Firming range containing kangaroo flower extract. Skin is left plumper and lastingly firmed, smoothed and youthful! The result? Wrinkles are smoothed, the contours of the face are sculpted and lifted. Finally, once you reach 50, choose the Multi-Intensive range to target skin ageing linked to hormonal changes that occur around the menopause. Day after day, skin is replenished and smoother. Your complexion is left glowing. You radiate inner beauty.

Finally, for severely undernourished skin, Clarins has the ultimate pro-ageing solution: Nutri-Lumière. With Horse Chestnut Flower extract and Horse Chestnut ecsin to help to improve the skin’s micro-nutrient network which depletes as we age, this range provides intense nutrition for dry, dull and tired-looking complexions.

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