What is the best beauty routine for mature skin?

1. The signs of mature skin

Once you hit 50, the menopause can cause skin to feel dryer and lose firmness and density. The contours of the face may appear less well-defined, wrinkles may be more visible, dark spots can appear and skin can lose its glow.

2. Beauty routine for mature skin

To meet the needs of skin suffering from age-related hormonal changes, Clarins has developed the Multi-Intensive routine. The star ingredient in this trio of creams for mature skin is organic harungana extract to help redensify and fight sagging. During the day, apply the Super Restorative Day Cream to cleansed skin. Over a number of weeks, skin may appear lifted, more toned and replenished, with deep wrinkles filled in. Prepare to experience radiant beauty like never before! Come night, build on the day cream's lifting effect with the Super Restorative Night Cream, which tackles signs of ageing like wrinkles and brown spots. Upon waking, the complexion is fresh and glowing, with the skin on your face replenished. To complete your routine, add Total Eye Lift, especially designed for the eye contour area.

3. Prevent sagging skin.

If you haven't yet turned 50, protect your skin from premature ageing with a factor 50+ sunscreen. This will help to shield skin from harmful external factors that can speed up the signs of ageing. Pollution, UV rays and free radicals are no match for a powerful sunscreen!

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