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How to maintain a firming body routine

Feel good in your skin

Who doesn't want to feel good in the skin you're in? With some beautiful body care products and a little zest for life, having a body care routine is a great way to add a little spring into your step.

Even though it sadly can't be summer all year round, why not prep for it anyway?

Pamper yourself from head to toe with Clarins’ range of body treatments. La crème de la crème of firming body creams! Massaging your body using the Clarins technique with a range of body creams, oils and/or gels targeted to your specific concern, you can work to feel your very best! Massaging can help to drain any excess fluid from your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and weightless.
Bring a motivated and enthusiastic energy to each day!

Beautifully firm skin: easy as 1, 2, 3!

01 Why is Clarins developing innovations in body firming treatments?

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Clarins Laboratories' mission is to take care of every beauty concern so that you can feel beautiful in your skin.

Losing firmness in the skin can affect people of all ages. At Clarins, we want you to love the skin you're in!

Firming the skin means different things to everyone. People of all ages may wish to firm the skin, or simply indulge in a little skincare-based TLC, or have a spa night!

To support all generations of women in their body care quest, Clarins is expanding its range of firming skincare products with the new Body Firming treatment concept.

A duo of Clarins firming creams that offers a powerful cocktail of natural ingredients to help tone the skin. An innovation in firming skincare!

02 What does the Clarins firming innovation do?

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Body Firming skincare treatments target the skin’s firmness at all levels.

Skin becomes looser when the collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis break down. To improve skin elasticity and firmness, their activity needs to be stimulated.

Clarins Laboratories have demonstrated the important role the skin’s tissue plays in boosting its firmness.
The decrease in collagen levels may lead to a loss of firmness and tone. The action of the Body Shaping cream has a direct effect on the skin’s firmness. A beautiful scientific development!

03 Which Clarins plant discovery revolutionised the Body Firming creams?

An image of a butterbur leaf

After several years of research, Clarins ethnobotanists have now identified organic butterbur.

Chosen for the firmness of its large, soft, flexible and resilient leaves, organic butterbur extract helps strengthen the skin's natural support network.

Its impact on sagging skin and elasticity helps to reshape the skin. Combined with organic mitracarpus and organic green banana extracts, it strengthens the skin with Clarins' double firming and tightening actions.

A full range of organic plant-based active ingredients to perfectly pamper, tone and moisturise the body. Organic butterbur extract, organic mitracarpus extract, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera extract and organic kiwi extract offer a powerful sculpting and firming cocktail that helps to visibly improve skin elasticity and firmness.

The Body Firming creams, available in a cream or gel texture, are breaking new ground thanks to the discovery of organic butterbur. This new Clarins plant from natural origins is grown in the heart of the Alps, at Le Domaine Clarins. A 100% Clarins creation! The ingredients are harvested with respect for biodiversity and in line with our commitments regarding responsible beauty.

04 Why use Body Firming skincare products?

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The two expert Body Firming products work together to form a powerful firming duo.

The cream provides more comprehensive skin tightening action while the gel provides a more targeted treatment.

The Extra-Firming Body Cream works to tighten and sculpt the silhouette. Apply to clean, dry skin after showering, over the entirety of your body every day, either morning or night. Massage thoroughly from the ankles to the upper body and from the wrists to the shoulders.

Clarins advice: smooth on the thighs, hips, stomach and arms with closed fists. Its smooth, melting texture envelops the body in rich, melting hydration.. Massaging the skin daily can become a real self-care ritual, and leaves a delicate scent on the surface of the skin. Over time, the skin may become smoother and regain its natural elasticity. The skin is perfectly nourished, moisturised and plumped, becoming velvety soft and full of energy.
For maximum efficacy, apply to slightly damp skin to retain all that good moisture.

The Extra-Firming Body Gel helps to firm and shape the body. Enriched with nourishing coconut oil, this non-greasy, ultra-refreshing gel gently envelops skin that lacks vitality and firmness. Its powerful effects can boost the skin's toned appearance. Massage with closed fists to release any muscle tension, and reap the benefits.

A specially formulated gel to consistently treat your skin concerns. A targeted treatment for the body and mind!

05 What is Clarins’ firming skincare routine?

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A great body care routine starts with exfoliating every week.

Gently exfoliating, and removing dead cells and impurities, allows the skin to breathe and gain that super-soft feel.

Clarins exfoliating creams get the skin ready to absorb Clarins firming skincare products and better benefit from their firming, toning and sculpting properties.
Daily moisturising gives the skin a beautiful soft and satiny appearance. Be sure to dry the body and moisturise it with a Clarins moisturiser.

Clarins' Tonic Body Balm with aloe vera offers hydration, relaxation and comfort for everyone. Its fluid and smooth texture infused with a range of essential oils is truly delightful.

To combine hydration with the toning properties of the essential oils, lightly massage the iconic Tonic Body Treatment Oil into damp skin. An oil made from 100% pure plant extracts to invigorate the body and mind. Skin is left toned, and its natural elasticity is restored. Finish off your shower with a blast of cool water to stimulate the epidermis.

Clarins' firming range has been enriched with Body Firming skin care creams to give everyone a little body care! A Clarins innovation to maintain toned, firmed skin.

06 Tighten and firm

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A great addition to any body care routine

Whether you're just here for hydration or exfoliation, or if you want to get a little extra pep in your step, why not try a skin-tightening body product?

Body Fit works to refine the skin by evening out the tone and leaving you with a minty-fresh scent on your skin!

The Moisture Rich Body Lotion is a beautiful product to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Wonderful if you're feeling like a rich, deep-tissue massage - it's best worked and kneaded into the skin.

Contour Treatment Oil is the targeted answer to limit the effect of water retention under the skin. It stimulates and refines the skin and leaves it ultra-smooth. A small amount of oil massaged into damp skin all over the body promotes well-being.

07 Why massage the skin with a Clarins firming cream?

A woman lying down getting a massage with Clarins oil

Each Clarins body treatment provides your skin with the ingredients it needs.

Experts in anti-aging face and body care, Clarins Laboratories formulate increasingly effective skincare products through research on natural ingredients that are kind to the skin to keep you always looking your best.

The cream’s massaging and lymphatic draining action helps enhance its firming powers. The massage's firming effect will likely work best when paired with a healthy, active lifestyle!

When incorporated into this lifestyle, a firming massage can make you feel your absolute best.

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