How to achieve a bold eye look

Everything you need to know about eyeliner

The Real Fouz’s look

To structure your eye make-up, we have one piece of advice: be bold. Be bold with lines, volume and colour. And keep practising to perfectly master the doe-eyed look like make-up star The Real Fouz.

How to get a bold eye look:

  • EYES

    1. Sculpt: Eyebrow Pencil 02

  • EYES

    2. Shade: 4-Colour Palette 04

  • EYES

    3. Line: Crayon Khôl Eye Pencil

  • EYES

    4. Line: Intense Black Liner

  • EYES

    5. Enlarge your eyes: Supra Volume Mascara 01

  • LIPS

    Unleash the colour: Joli Rouge 731

Our expert tips

To avoid any slip ups, apply your eyeliner with your eye open and start at the outer corner.

Eric Antoniotti, International Make-Up Training Director

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