What is your main skin concern?
Anti-ageing Anti-aging
Brightening & dark spots Brightening & Dark Spots
Hydration Hydration & Protection
Oiliness & visible pores Oiliness & Visible Pores
Radiance Radiance & Energy
Soothing & sensitivity Soothing & Sensitivity
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What is your skin type?
Dry Dry
Normal Normal
Combination Combination
Oily Oily
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What age range are you in?
20's 20's
30's 30's
40's 40's
50's 50's
60's 60's
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What is your favourite texture?
Cream Cream
Cream-Gel Cream-Gel
Fluid Fluid
With SPF With SPF
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What is your preferred method of cleansing?
With Water With Water
Without Water Without Water
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How much make-up do you usually wear?
Minimal make-up Make-Up minimalist
Full make-up Full Make-Up every day
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