America - Quinoa

STOP NO.: Peru

An Incan treasure

NAME: Quinoa
LATIN NAME: Chenopodium quinoa
LOCATION: Peru, Bolivia
TYPE: Herb

Small seed... Super nutrition

For thousands of years, quinoa has grown on the Andean Altiplano and served as a staple food for its people. The Incas regarded it as a holy plant and worshipped its seeds. It is said that its very high protein and amino acid content played a major role in the spread of the Incan civilisation. Quinoa was then rediscovered by westerners in the 1970s and its seeds are now eaten for their exceptional nutritional benefits.


Your skin will say thank you!

In cosmetics, quinoa seed extract helps strengthen the skin's barrier. The extract used by Clarins Laboratories is obtained through organic farming practices.

Did you know?

The quinoa seeds used by Clarins Laboratories come from organic farming practices.

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