Europe - Sea Lily

STOP NO. : France

A delicate yet resistant flower

Name: Sea Lily
Latin Name: Pancratium maritimum
Location: France
Type: Herb
Part(s) Used: Aerial parts

An adventurous seed!

Originating in Asia Minor, it colonised the sandy shores of southern Europe before travelling all the way up to Brittany, thanks to its adventurous seed. With its ironclad strength, it can brave the swells all while keeping its germinating power intact. Its name comes from the Greek “pankration”, which means “all force”, and refers to the exceptional resistance of its delicate flower in its arid environment of sand, sun and wind. Threatened by extinction due to the destruction of its natural habitat, sea lily is obtained through organic farming practices.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

Astounding hydration!

In cosmetics, organic sea lily extract contributes to the skin’s overall hydration.

Find the benefits of Sea Lily

  • Brightening
    Hydrating Emulsion
    Online Exclusive

  • White Plus Total Luminescent Brightening Pure Aqua-Lotion
    Online Exclusive


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