Asia - Ginkgo biloba

STOP NO. : China

A tree with legendary resistance

Name: Ginkgo biloba
Latin Name: Ginkgo biloba
Location: China
Type: Tree
Part(s) Used: Leaf

The forty-coin tree

Ginkgo biloba is the surviving member of a botanical species dating back to the secondary era, and is said to have been the only tree to have survived Hiroshima. Exceptional due to both its resistance and beauty, it is nicknamed “the forty-coin tree” because its leaves become beautifully golden in autumn. In medicine, Ginkgo biloba leaves are used as a veinotonic.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

For fresh, rosy skin!

In cosmetics, Ginkgo biloba extract helps protect skin microcirculation to reveal a rosy, fresh complexion.

Find the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

  • Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes

  • Instant Eye Make-Up Remover Waterproof & Heavy Make-Up For Sensitive Eyes

  • Eye Contour Gel


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