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Get your glow back!

NAME: Rowan
LATIN NAME: Sorbus domestica
TYPE: Tree

Delicate buds for a beautiful complexion

In times gone by, rowan was considered sacred and was believed to chase away evil spirits and bring happiness to lovers. Its pear-shaped fruit has a pungent, acidic flavour and is commonly used in decoctions for its fortifying and veinotonic properties. Its very dense wood is popular with both carpenters and cabinet makers. Its buds are highly valued in gemmotherapy (a form of medicine utilising buds).

Radiance boosted!

In cosmetics, rowan bud extract helps boost the skin’s radiance and is also recognised for its effects on microcirculation. Clarins Laboratories use an organic rowan bud extract.

Find the benefits of Rowan

  • Eau Des Jardins Smoothing Body Cream


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