Europe - Salicornia

STOP NO. : Portugal

A gift from the sea!

NAME: Salicornia
LATIN NAME: Salicornia herbacea
LOCATION: Portugal, Argentina
TYPE: Herb
PART(S) USED: Aerial parts

A breath of beachy air for your skin

Salicornia can be found along all the shorelines of Europe and every year it produces cylindrical branches that resemble a type of ragged cactus. However, beneath this exterior, the plant has developed a quite remarkable biological organisation. It is halophilic ("salt-loving") and is able to perfectly survive harsh coastal conditions. It also resists tidal flows by regulating the water level in its cells. Used as a food due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, salicornia also produces an oil perfect for skin care.

Boosts hydration

In cosmetics, salicornia extract helps retain water within the cells of the epidermis in order to provide the skin with optimal hydration. Clarins Laboratories use an organic salicornia extract.

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