How can I best take care of the skin on my legs?

1. The thighs are prone to cellulite.

The thighs are prone to all types of cellulite, whether aqueous, adipose or fibrous. If the appearance of cellulite is bothersome to you, first you need to identify what type of cellulite you're dealing with. If you struggle with water retention and your thighs lack firmness but any orange peel skin is minimal, then you have aqueous cellulite. If you can see characteristic dimples when you pinch your thighs, but feel no pain, then your cellulite is adipose. And if you feel a little pain, then you're dealing with fibrous cellulite.

2. Improving your lifestyle

Whatever your type of cellulite, an active & healthy lifestyle is key to improving blood flow to the area. We recommend a well-balanced diet, with the focus on fruit, vegetables and plant proteins. Make sure you drink enough water to flush out excess liquid and toxins. Try exercising regularly, too. We recommend endurance sports such as running, alongside muscle-strengthening exercises like Pilates to keep your legs strong and healthy.

3. Use an anti-cellulite product.

Another good tip for keeping thighs in great shape involves using an anti-orange peel cream every day, such as Body Fit. This revolutionary product contains Quince Leaf extract and is the ultimate secret weapon for sculpted thighs. Its little added extra? It targets all types of cellulite! Day after day, thighs smoother and better hydrated. Your legs are perfectly sculpted. Note that to maximise your results, we recommend massaging the cream in using a special technique. Massages are key to boosting blood flow and lymphatic circulation while ensuring the product is fully absorbed...

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