I have dehydrated skin. What are my options?

1. My skin is dehydrated: why?

Temperature changes, aggressive air-conditioning, over-heated rooms, air that is too dry or too humid... skin is ultra sensitive to external factors. The slightest change can be enough to dehydrate it. Whether dry, combination or oily, all skin types suffer from a lack of moisture.

2. Choose the right skin care products.

Tackle dehydrated skin by replenishing moisture levels and giving skin the ingredients it needs to stay protected. Firstly, choose the right moisturising cream for your skin type. If you have normal to combination skin, apply the Hydra-essentiel Light Cream. Enriched with organic kalanchoe officinal extract, its formula stimulates the production of molecules that act like sponges within the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, which is essential to maintaining hydrated skin. Very dry skin types need the Hydra-essentiel Silky Cream for extra comfort and moisture. For perfectly hydrated skin, you can combine your cream with the Hydra Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum. Once or twice a week, pamper your skin with the fresh and intensely hydrating SOS Hydra Mask. In just 10 minutes, this mask quenches parched skin.

3. Drink up.

Moisturised skin starts from within. Remember to drink a litre and a half of water every day, even in winter. Cold weather is harsh on skin, and although you may not feel as thirsty as in summer, drinking lots of water is crucial to preventing dehydrated skin.

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