1. Our environmental responsibility

    Clarins cultivates beauty with plants

    From formula to packaging, every ingredient or raw material is selected with respect for nature.

    With great concern about the impact of its activities on the environment, Clarins is committed to extracting the benefits of each plant without harming ecosystems and by giving back to nature what it takes.

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  2. Our social responsibility

    As a corporate citizen with a global outlook, Clarins encourages innovation and is fully committed to medical, humanitarian and environmental projects.

    Clarins has three areas of focus for sustainable initiatives: the health and wellbeing of all, education and support for children, and the preservation of biodiversity.

    Each of these is testament to the brand's enduring and dedicated commitment to future generations.

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  3. Our economic responsibility

    A family business founded in 1954, Clarins made a choice to go against the tide in 2008 by freeing itself from the unpredictable rhythms of the stock market. In line with its spirit of independence and its values, the Courtin-Clarins family holds the reins of a beauty brand with an international influence.

    As a global player in cosmetics, the Clarins brand is proud of its expansion, of creating products that have revolutionised the cosmetics industry, and proud to demonstrate that monetary interest is not its only driving force. Clarins is a responsible beauty brand which offers access to its products in-store - in one of its 19,000 points of sale in 130 countries around the world - as well as online, while continuing to design and manufacture its skincare products in France.

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  4. Responsible innovation

    For Clarins, sustainable development is an opportunity to be a pioneer on pressing issues, initiate new rules and practices, launch new challenges, and invest with conviction and generosity.

    Clarins believes in progress and in people to find ingenious solutions that will make the future a desirable and viable place for everyone.

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