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Treatment Essence

What are Clarins Treatment Essences for?

Lack of hydration, loss of radiance, signs of ageing...

Have no fear, Treatment Essences are here!

A treatment essence is the new step to include in your daily skincare routine for a glowing complexion.

Under the effect of stress and daily aggressions, the skin gets thrown off balance. It becomes dehydrated and less receptive to the products applied.

To meet these needs, Clarins has created Treatment Essences: expert skin care products that intensely moisturise and are highly concentrated in active ingredients to target specific skin concerns.

Balanced, plumped and rejuvenated, the skin is ready to take full advantage of the benefits of other specific treatments!

01 What effect does time have on the skin?

Time on the skin

Within the extracellular matrix of the skin, fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin fibers, which guarantee skin firmness and elasticity. Over the years, due to the slowing down of fibroblast activity, the matrix “ages”: the skin becomes dehydrated and loses energy. It is less dense and plump. Wrinkles begin to appear.

Formulated for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, Clarins’ four Treatment Essences offer a complete beauty treatment thanks to the revitalizing, firming and smoothing power of plant extracts.

Regain your radiance today!

02 Why are the Treatment Essences innovative?


A new step for all women in search of hydration and radiance,

the Multi-Active, Extra-Firming and Super-Restorative Treatment Essences are the fruits of Clarins Laboratories’ latest discoveries. Their innovative formulas deeply hydrate all skin types by infusing them with powerful anti-ageing active ingredients.
The secret of this dual action? The new [ RED² + H.A² ] Complex, a unique combination of active ingredients that brings together:

organic Red Ginseng extract, which helps to restore the skin’s energy

Jania extract, which promotes cell renewal and revives radiance

double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which helps retain water

Hydration and cell renewal are the first anti-ageing measures to limit skin ageing and to achieve beautiful skin at any age.

03 How do the Treatment Essences prepare the skin for skincare treatments?

Skin preparation

Tired skin loses its ability to absorb ingredients

Your skin benefits more from the active ingredients in your face creams if it is properly hydrated and in good condition.

Thanks to their powerful natural active ingredients, Clarins’ Essences deeply hydrate different skin types over time and prepare them to better absorb any products applied afterwards.

With its balance restored, your skin is ready to reap all the benefits of your skin care products!

04 What is the difference between a Treatment Essence, Lotion or Serum?


A product adapted to every beauty goal

Neither a serum nor a lotion, a treatment essence is a beauty innovation that has come to us from Asia. Women swear by this new must-have to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

But what exactly is the difference?
toning lotion completes the make-up removal process, a serum boosts the action of a cream, while an essence moisturises the face, restores its youthfulness and prepares it to absorb any products applied after.

Thicker than a lotion, more fluid than a serum, this should be applied to cleansed skin, before your serum and cream.

The result is hydrated, plumped and rebalanced skin!

05 Which Treatment Essence is best for those in their 30s?

Lotion at 30

See life through rose-colored glasses

In its powder pink bottle, the Multi-Active Revitalising Treatment Essence is the perfect first step to skin prep. Its natural active ingredients restore balance to the skin’s hydration levels and boosts its radiance:

The [ RED² + H.A² ] complex helps to deeply hydrate the face and activate cell renewal.

Teasel extract helps to revitalise the skin.

Meadowsweet extract helps to mattify and purify the skin.

Tested and loved

90% of women say their skin is hydrated*
91% of women say their skin is clear*
81% of women say their skin looks younger*

*Consumer test, 100 women after 28 days

06 Which Treatment Essence is best for those in their 40s?

Lotion at 40

Mission: hydration and firmness

In its orange bottle, the Extra-Firming Firming Treatment Essence is your best friend when it comes to restoring skin firmness. Enriched with plant extracts, it restores moisture and skin plumpness with targeted active ingredients.

The [ RED² + H.A² ] complex helps to deeply hydrate the skin and activate cell renewal

Girdlepod extract helps fight against loss of firmness

Kangaroo paw extract helps to preserve the skin’s regenerative potential.

Tested and loved

88% of women say their skin plumped**
87% of women say their skin is firmer*
87% of women say their skin looks younger**

*Consumer test, 100 women after 7 days
**Consumer test, 100 women after 28 days

07 Which Youth Essence is best for those in their 50s?

Lotion at 50

Radiance at every age.

From the age of 50, choose the Super-Restorative Smoothing Treatment Essence in the red bottle. Thanks to a powerful combination of natural active ingredients, it restores hydration and balance, and plumps the face for a glowing complexion.

The [ RED² + H.A² ] complex helps to deeply hydrate the skin and activate cell renewal.

Organic harungana extract and a tetrapeptide help fight density loss and replenish the epidermis

Hibiscus sabdariffa flower acids help remove dead skin cells from the surface

Organic oat sugars help smooth the skin

The result? Denser, plumper, visibly more radiant skin!

Tested and loved

96% of women say their skin is softer*
93% of women say fine lines and wrinkles are visibly smoothed**
96% of women say their skin looks younger**

*Consumer test, 100 women after 14 days
**Consumer test, 100 women after 28 days

08 Which Treatment Essence is best for those in their 60s?

Lotion at 60

At 60, give your skin a boost of luminosity with the perfect pro-ageing partner.

The Nutri-Lumière Renewing Treatment Essence is the gold bottle for you. The fresh, lightweight texture of this gentle essence revitalises and restores the luminosity of mature skin thanks to a unique combination of natural active ingredients:

Horse chestnut aescin and extracts optimise the supply and distribution of micro-nutrients in the skin

Organic oat sugars contribute to an immediate lifting effect on the face

Hibiscus sabdariffa flower acids help remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin

Green coffee and ginseng extracts help to energise the skin.

Your skin is regenerated and radiant!

Tested and loved

96% of women say their skin is better prepared to absorb subsequent treatments*
94% say their skin’s texture is improved*
89% say their skin is energized*

*Consumer test, 100 women after 28 days

09 Are the Treatment Essences eco-designed?

Environmentally friendly

At Clarins, nature has always inspired us and given us the most precious of our active ingredients. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by using fewer natural resources and reducing the waste associated with our products.

The Multi-Active, Extra-Firming and Super-Restorative Treatment Essences have been designed with this global responsibility in mind: their formulas contain a minimum of 97% natural ingredients and a total of seven certified organic plant extracts.

As for the packaging, the boxes of each product are printed on cardboard from sustainably managed forests, while the bottles and their caps are recyclable and made from recycled plastic (25% for the bottle, 10% for the cap)

We are always faithful to our mission: making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful planet.

10 How to apply the Treatment Essences.

Application tips

A morning wake-up call, an evening self-care moment.

Apply morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin, just before your serum and your face cream.

Dispense a few drops into the palm of your hands and warm them slightly by rubbing them together. Gently pat onto your face from the inside to the outside, then on your neck from top to bottom. No need to dry! Its light texture absorbs quickly and infuses the skin with its benefits.

Your skin is left soft, fresh, and radiant!

11 How to integrate Clarins Essences into your everyday skincare routine.


The essential first step in your anti-ageing routine

It’s so easy to keep your skin looking radiant and fresh with Clarins!

Step 1: Apply a treatment essence to clean skin. Supple and plumped, the face is ready to reap all the benefits of any treatments applied afterwards.

Step 2: Apply an eye contour cream that’s adapted to your needs. This is the time to try Double Serum Eye. Follow with Double Serum to the face for a complete age control routine.

Step 3: Finish with a cream or emulsion from the same range to complete the perfect anti-ageing routine. Multi-Active at 30, Extra-Firming at 40, Super-Restorative at 50, Nutri-Lumière at 60

Balance is restored to your skin for a glowing complexion.


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